Kbshimmer – Up and Cunning

Hello friends!!!

As you may know, I recently purchased from KbShimmer and cannot be happier!! Up to now, I love each and everyone of the polishes I have tried! Today I want to talk to you about Up and Cunning, tried it last week and couldn’t believe my eyes! This is a gorgeous deep teal holo with a beautifully flowy formula. Ughh so absolutely in love with it!! Let me show it to you!


You see two coats plus their top coat in the pics

 PhotoGrid_1429044337262 PhotoGrid_1429044414814

And here it is stamped using a UberChic plate from Set 1


What do you think? Isn’t it stunning!?? I highly suggest you pick this up, it is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading!! BUY THIS! you need it!


  *****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****


Where to buy?


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