Parrot Polish Pink Glits

press sample

Hi friends!!

Today I’d like to revisit one of my most popular Mani’s. Early this year I participated in the  #pinkforleelah, my nails are my canvas, they are my poetry and my art which is why many times I tend to use them as my voice as well… I felt like I really needed to participate and show my support against homophobia and transgender shaming/hate. I will not go deep into the subject as I tend to get heated about these issues (I believe that everyone has the right to be/love who they please) and this is a nail blog ;).

So, for this Mani I used a beautiful glitter called Pink Glits by Parrot Polish. This is a round pink glitter topper on clear base. Super pretty! I sponged on two coats and brushed on a third to make it nice and even for my base.



What do you think? Isn’t it pretty? For my nail art I used some striping tape and black rhinestones from BPS.
I haven’t used stripping tape in ages as I’m usually not patient enough to wait for my base to be completely dry, but I’m glad I did this time as I’m happy with the result. I used Zoya’s Willa to top it off.


Hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading!


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